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November 29, 2002

This page features novels written by our Web Master (and founder) David Noakes. These are part of the Shadowlands series. For more information on the Shadowlands series, please visit the Shadowlands web site.

You can purchase these novels in ebook or paperback format.

1. Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made Of

Danny is preparing lunch on a Saturday morning. There is a knock at the door – the caller is a girl he vaguely recognizes, who claims he has invited her for lunch. He is puzzled, but invites her in. They talk. He can’t remember meeting her, but he realizes he has seen her in his dreams, and begins to tell her of such a dream. The girl admits that until now they have only met there, and this was where Danny invited her for lunch. He remembers her name: Nalini.

Explanations follow: about dreams and dreaming, about parallel worlds or shadows and shadow shifting. Nalini then presents Danny with a golden torc. She explains that this will boost his own powers, and enable him to walk through shadow as she can. Before this can happen, she must attune him with his torc.

The sage says: “We are such stuff as dreams are made of. We take little with us other than friendships, memories, and the consequences of our acts of power.” This story is about the beginning of a journey along the paths of power. More Information from the Shadowlands web site.

2. The Shadow of the Serpent

While traveling through shadow with Danny and Nalini, Paula requests they stop for a toilet break. She wanders into the bushes but does not return. Danny and Nalini follow her trail, and find the evidence that she has been taken by a shadow shifter, because her tracks join others, and then vanish into thin air. Danny and Nalini track Paula through shadow, eventually discovering her chained in a dungeon of a medieval castle, along with three men. A little later the eldest male is taken out and sacrificed by the sorcerer who owns of the castle. Nalini goes in search of bolt cutters to free Paula while Danny hangs around to keep an eye on her. He is ambushed by the same attackers who kidnapped paula, and is knocked unconscious.

Danny wakes to find himself chained beside Paula, along with the two remaining males. The sorcerer intends to sacrifice all of them unless Nalini can find a way to rescue them. More Information from the Shadowlands web site.

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