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Cellar Master

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Release date: 10 February, 1998

Do you need to keep track of the bottles of wine in your cellar and have instant access to your tasting notes? Would you like to be able to maintain a list of wines to drink or taste soon, and identify future purchasing needs? Do you want to locate a particular bottle of wine by bin or box number without hunting through the cellar, packing and unpacking your valuable bottles?

Then Cellar Master is your answer. Written by a wine lover with a cellar of over 40 dozen bottles, you know that it is geared to your needs. If you have any suggestions for enhancements or improvements, you know that we will be happy to consider them, because we want this program to meet the neets of fellow wine collectors around the world.

Cellar master's database system is tailored especially for wine cellar record keeping. It gives you instant access to information about the bottles of wine in your cellar, and allows you to file tasting notes for future reference once you have drunk the wines. Do you want to know whether the 1974 Lake's Folly Cabernet was better than the 1979? Just look up your notes with a single query. Do you want to know which wines should be drunk this year? See a scrolling list of all your wines in Year to open order. You can even print out a report if you prefer.

Cellar Manager is a standard windows program, and features all the usual windows features like graphics, mouse, buttons, help file and more! Very easy to use!


  • Download evaluation version of software. (756k)
  • If you can't or don't wish to download, you can order your evaluation copy on disk. (See below for pricing)

Pricing (All prices in Australian Dollars)

(about 2/3 of US Dollars, so $A40 is about $US26.67, $A25 is about $US16.67)

Description SKU # Price
Evaluation Copy cm4w-e $7
Full Version (disks only) cm4w-s $30
Postage (airmail - disks only)   $5

Australian residents please add 10% GST

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