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Chess Fugue

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version 1.2
New Release February 26, 1999

Chess is a game which has fascinated us for centuries, possibly even thousands of years. Chess sets have been found in ancient tombs, showing just how much the game was prized by the ancients. With the advent of computers, the game of chess moved into new realms. No longer was it simply a contest of human against human, now it could become a contest of human against machine.

Try your skills against your computer. Chess Fugue features an advanced algorithm that allows it to play a testing game in a reasonable period of time. Its features include:

* You can play under tornament conditions, where each player must play a game within a set amount of time.
* You can limit the amount of time the computer uses for each turn.
*You can use it to suggest your moves if you are stuck. It can show you the possibilities it is considering.
*You can take moves back.
*You can use it to help with 2 human players, or one human against the machine.
*You can save games partway through and reload them to continue at a later date. (Useful if you play correspondence chess).


  • Download evaluation version of software. (117k) v1.2
  • If you can't or don't wish to download, you can order your evaluation copy on disk. (See below for pricing)

Pricing (All prices in Australian Dollars)

(about 2/3 of US Dollars, so $A40 is about $US26.67, $A25 is about $US16.67)

Description SKU # Price
Evaluation Copy ch4w-e $7
Full Version (disks only) ch4w-s $20
Postage (airmail - disks only)   $5

Australian residents please add 10% GST

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