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Electronic Books

Electronic books are online equivalents of printed paper. Very little modern writing is actually published on the web, although you can find sites with the text of old books available. Almost all commercial publishing is also done on paper. There are three main reasons for this:

  1. It is far easier to enforce payment when the text is on paper.
  2. Unless you use special tools when you publish your work, it is next to impossible to protect your copyright if you publish your text online. Standard word processor formats and HTML can be changed by anyone with a compatible word processor or editor program.
  3. Books are more portable, and don't need a power supply or batteries.

The advent of CD-Roms and HTML viewers makes it more attractive to publish books on CD-Roms, but the HTML source can still be copied into a word processor. There are solutions to these problems however, provided an author takes some precautions. See Publishing Electronic Books.



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