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This page features links to samples of electronic books, magazines, newspapers and comics. Each is comparable to the paper equivalent, but the medium of the Web allows authors and artists to be inovative, and to try effects that cannot be achieved in print.


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   Resource Sites

This section features other sites that will be of interest, but do not fall into other categories.

Contentious. This is an ezine that is devoted to issues affecting people who write content for web sites, e-zines and so on. It comes out monthly, so bookmark this page and come back each month.

Editor & Publisher Interactive Devoted to those who edit or publish online or electronically. If you are doing this or want to do this, then drop by this site.

Ebook Net Interested in the hardware that's available now to support electronic books? Then you should check out this site. Has reviews of what is available, plus libraries of ebooks to suit some of the available hardware.

Online Writing This is a discussion group by and for people who write online content, or are involved in electronic publishing. It is not a technical how to site, but deals with issues of interest to writers and publishers. Everything from the business and legal aspects of content development, to the evolving aesthetics of this medium, to the merits and flaws of specific projects is fair game. If you are at all interested in creating content for the web, or online/electronic publishing, then you should drop in and consider subscribing to this.

Stop The Presses! Online industry news and analysis by Steve Outing.

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   Electronic Magazines(e-zines)

E-zines are the electronic equivalent of magazines. You can find them on almost any topic. Some are produced by fans, and are the equivalent of a few photocopied A4 pages. Others are professionally produced and can rival glossy print versions.

CyberJapan This site is graphics intense. Do not visit if you have a slow modem, slow ISP, or text only browser. Reminds me a bit of Blade Runner, or cybernovels by William Gibson. This is a high tech ezine site that gives you a look into the weird wired world of Japanese youth. Has links to a host of other ezines as well.

CyberGrrlz "The e-zine for girls with brains and a sense of humor (smarter guys will like it too)" according to its publisher Heidi Rogers. It also includes a personals page, and Aunt Crabby - an advice columnist like no other.

Dark Planet A quarterly journal of science fiction, science fact, reviews, poetry and more. Almost everything you see here has been printed somewhere else before, but it's unlikely you've seen these stories before.

Firehorse This e-zine is a curious assembly of topics that normally wouldn't be found together in a single publication. It includes news grabs on the IT industry, a multimedia column, surrealist literature, art, music and video reviews.

Geekgirl Probably the most popular e-zine (or web-zine) on the net. It's of professional quality, while retaining its alternative flavour. This zine is published quarterly, and features interviews and articles that are often serious and sometimes downright silly. Well worth a look.

Go Girl! This is a fairly new and energetic e-zine for women. It's not as in your face as some magazines. It manages to relate practical issues without being intimidating. They are also seeking writers for their publication, so contact them if you feel you have something to contribute.

Millennium Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine. This is not a conventional SF fanzine. This is a forum for publishing new stories. The stories are high quality worthy of any printed anthology or magazine. Most of the authors published here have a track record of publishing in the genre. If you're into this genre, then check out this magazine.

SpaceWays Weekly The Canadian E-mail Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy. An E-zine available by email on payment of a subscripion. Each issue contains one story, the editor's comments and an autobiography of the story's author. SpaceWays Weekly is published 52 times per year. The ezine is sent out
each Friday.

The Case. This is another high quality e-zine, but this one is interactive. The contents change weekly when the mystery writers behind The Case release a new mystery and invite the online world to solve it. Mysteries are usually released Tuesday night US time. Over the next week more evidence is added that will assist you in deciding not only who committed the act (murder, theft or other atrocity) but also how and why.

The I Magazine This e-zine has more content than attitude and changes constantly.It's cool (or should that be kewl?) and features music, art, film, books and other cultural stuff.

Tweak This is a superbly designed and refreshing e-zine from California. The site is designed to appeal to people from all walks of life. It's an excellent read, and well laid out too.

Zine Scene Electronic magazines, or "Zines", are proliferating. Most of them aren't worth the paper they're printed on! This is a site dedicated to sifting through the zines, and brings you cuttings from the good ones. A good starting point if you want to check out some zines.

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The Australian newspaper This site is not a replacement for the paper copy of this newspaper, but it does give you a concise overview of the world news. There is also a search engine that allows you to customise the news you want to read.

CNN They are the source of much of the world's news stories. This site is updated almost as regularly as their broadcasts. This is probably a more comprehensive source of news than almost any other site. Major headlines appear with text, photographs and sometimes QuickTime movies of the significant events. If you are following stories, it's worth visiting twice daily to catch updates.

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   Electronic Books(e-books)

253 A recent project by London author Geoff Ryman. It concerns the thoughts and background of 253 people on an out of control London Underground train. It's available both on the Internet and as a printed book.

Alice In Wonderland This site is the work of a Lewis Carroll enthusiast. It looks great and the layout makes it easy to read the text online. As well it includes quite a number of original illustrations. It's a great source for those bizarre quotes you can find in much of Carroll's writing.

Black City Worth a look to see what some authors are doing to publish their works. A fairly well written story, good read about a nanny with a secret night life. It features a mix of narration and dialog. Each page is accompanied by a lithographic pop-art style illustration which looks dramatic on the black background and white text.

Book Stacks' Electronic Library This is one of the most complete writing resources on the Internet. This site is full of interesting and surprising works. It is split into categories such as fiction, humor, poetry and so on. You'll find such oddities as the full script to Monty Python's Life of Brian, a collection of Italian writings. Book Stacks also supply an online cafe where you can talk with other book fans or download some audio excerpts from the latest talking books. There are also summaries of what's in the latest book related magazines around the world, and you'll find full texts of writers such as HG Wells and Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales This site features the complete text of The Canterbury Tales in both Middle English and Modern English as well as a detailed historical background of the events that took place prior to and during the writing of The Canterbury Tales. There are also some beautiful illuminations (manuscript artwork) of Jean Froissart, a contemporary of Chaucer.

Classics Archive This site contains the English translation of more than 400 classical Greek and Roman texts. The text is available both in hypertext format and plain text.

Digital Dante Project This site has the complete text of Dante Alighirri's Commedia (The Devine Comedy), but also a great collection of images to go with the text. Text is presented in both Italian and English. Definitely worth a look.

Dracula This site contains the full text of Bram Stoker's Dracula. The site uses 2 frames, the left one has the chapters in a list, the right one has the text of that chapter.

Early Myth and the Goddess in ancient China Peruse a synopsis of this book, then if you are prepared to pay, you can download the full book. There are other books available from this site as well, including Early Myth and Amaterasu in Neolithic and Medieval Japan, and The Great Goddess in India and tibet.

Electra-Light Bookstore This site publishes books in E-book format. Currently concentrating on science fiction, fantasy, suspense and horror, they plan to expand into publishing mainstream fiction, action/adventure, historical, classics and perhaps even romance. They are willing to accept submissions from writers of all experience levels, from beginner to expert.

Folklore and Mythology Professor D. L. Ashliman (from the University of Pittburgh) has painstakinly compiled, edited and/or translated a staggering amount of mythology and folklore texts, as well as listing links to numerous other tales

Gulliver's Travels by Johnathon Swift This is a wonderful example of an electronic text. Here you can find the full text of Swift's classic. Each chapter is a separate page, with links to the next chapter. There is also a contents page that lets you jump to your choice of chapters. This site also includes some graphics from the original text, and links to other sites.

Lonely Planet Guides. These are probably the best known guides to travel. This site is not the entire text of the printed books, but it does contain excerpts, stacks of information, and some priceless photography. You can order you own printed copies via secure ordering online.

Project Gutenberg This site is fascinating, because it is attempting to publish all works with expired copyright. You'll find everything from the complete works of William Shakespear to Charles Dickens, Jules Verne, Jane Austen, Mark Twain and many more. Probably almost every book that is over 50 years old. You can help out by scanning or keying in any text they don't yet have that is out of copyright.

Victory Gardens This is an interactive novel, a collage of news and fiction from the Gulf War. This site lets you read an extensive sample of the book. It may not be to everyone's taste, but at least try it and see.The full text is only available on floppy disk, for a fee.

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  Electronic Comics

The House@ Another soap opera, this time the product of the students of Western Australia's Curtin University. The House@ is actually a slick comic strip. An interesting story line that is accompanied by great graphics. There are enough episodes here to keep readers enthused. Its updated regularly, so worth bookmarking and coming back to.

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  Art Galleries

The Blue Dot This is a surreal and experimental online gallery. In keeping with the surrealism school of art, free association is used to produce often bizarre imagery. Not a site for everyone, but if you're into surreal or experimental art, take a look

Famous Paintings This site is a virtual art gallery.It comes courtesy of the Web Museum site, featuring links to images of a number of famous paintings from various museums.

Flood Gallery. This site features art and photography that pushes the envelope of what technology and imagination will allow, combining digital processing with photography to produce works that are highly unusual and surreal. Exhibitions change regularly, and artists are invited to submit their own works to the Gallery.

Jukurrpa Artists This is a new site representing a collective of Central Australian Aboriginal women. They paint in the western desert style of intricate patterns and dots related to Jukurrpa or the Dreaming. All works are for sale at reasonable prices.

Just Imagjne Art Gallery. Science Fiction/Fantasy art. The artist works with digital art.

The National Gallery of Art The gallery is in Washington D.C. and has what is probably the finest collection of art on the planet. The site is simple and elegant, bringing out the power of the images. Easy to navigate, includes a search engine for tracking down artists and their works. They change the featured exhibition frequently, so it's one you'll keep coming back to.

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