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Last modified: September 21, 2005




What's New:

Buy ebooks on line!!
Check out our book shop. Titles are being added every day!

We have released version 1.1 of our Backup Fugue for WinXP. You can download this software if you wish to evaluate it.

David Noakes' new novel "Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made Of" is now available at a bookshop near you. You can also purchase online.
David Noakes' new novel "Shadow Of The Serpent " is now available at a bookshop near you. You can also purchase online.
Epublishing is now available. For a fee, we can host your ebook or other ematter.

We have released v1.4 r1 of the Ebook publisher and Viewer suite. You can download the new version.
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About Fugue Software

Fugue Software was started by a small group of friends as a vehicle to enable each of us to practice our chosen crafts or professions in a way that we think best. Much of what we do can be done via the internet. We are here to have fun, make money, and learn new things.

You can download evaluation versions of PC software from this site, and purchase registration keys if you decide to use the software beyond the evaluation period.

We have developed software to permit authors to publish documents on the internet without allowing their text to be plagiarised. You can download samples of electronic books from our Electronic Book Resource Site.

Company Profile

What we do:

  1. Development of PC software. We will write custom software for you PC system, or develop software that can be used by others in your industry. The difference is in the cost to you. For a custom system you have to cover full development costs, while for a non exclusive license the development costs are recovered from sales to other businesses or people.
  2. Technical writing - we can write user guides for you software, help files, training manuals and so on, for a reasonable fee.

  3. Web Page Development. We can design and create your web site pages for you, and maintain them if required.

  4. Invoicing Billing Service. Do you find that your business is too small to employ someone fulltime to do the billing/invoicing, or the book keeping? We can perform that service for you, enquire about our rates.

  5. Word Processing. If you need professional word processing done, call us.

  6. Training. We can develop courses for you, which we can present, or you can present. Please enquire.

  7. Electronic Publishing - we can link to your electronic documents, host them here, or even arrange to publish them in For more information on epublishing.

You can enquire via email: sales@FugueSoftware.com


Contact Information

+61 7 3398 8936
+61 7 3398 8936
Postal address
P.O. Box 425, Capalaba Q 4157, Australia
Electronic mail
General Information: sales@FugueSoftware.com
Sales:                         sales@FugueSoftware.com
Customer Support:   sales@FugueSoftware.com
Send mail to sales@FugueSoftware.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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Last modified: September 21, 2005