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Electronic Publishing Resource Site Established

Fugue Software Establishes Internet Resource Site for Electronic Books

January 30, 1998 -- Brisbane, Australia

Fugue Software announced today that is has created a web site devoted to publishing information in electronic formats. Special attention is given to electronic books (ebooks) and electronic magazines (ezines). The publishing can be online via the World Wide Web, on disk or CD-Rom, and other electronic formats.

The site features links to software for electronic publishing, links to sites that publish information online or in electronic format, links to newsgroups and discussion forums, and links to electronic bookshops.

Among the many links there is one to Project Gutenburg, a volunteer project that is attempting to publish all works with expired copyright.

The site includes guidelines and a tutorial for would be publishers on how to organize their work for publishing in an electronic format, as well as some principles for authors that want payment for their works.

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