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Backup Fugue Beta




Windows 9x/NT Backup

Final Beta version of inovative backup program released

May 12, 1999 -- Brisbane, Australia.

Fugue Software has released the final beta test version of Backup Fugue, a program designed to make backing up Windows 9x/NT systems a breeze. The first backup is a full backup, subsequent backups only back up files that have changed since the last backup, thus saving time and space.

The program backs up to removeable hard disks, using compression. It backs up across networks, and can handle large capacity disks. Subsequent backups are placed on the same set of backup disks, giving long term speed increases, simpler file restoration, and improved backup management capability. You have only one set of backup disks to look after. In the event of data loss, you simply restore from the current backup.

"This is the final beta release. We already use the program for our own backups. The bugs have been caught, and all the code is in place. It's really only waiting for us to finish the documentation and help files." said Mr. Nathan Johns, CEO of Fugue Software. "The program has been designed to handle disasters like power failures during the backup.

"The program is a 32-bit rewrite of our successful Backup Pro for DOS and Windows, and uses a compatible file format so that existing users can upgrade."

Backup Fugue keeps track of what has been backed up, and displays a tree structure to view files on the backup. This allows easy identification of the files that have disappeared from the hard disk and may need to be restored, as well as the files that have changed and should be backed up. You can mark files in the tree structure for restoration, backup, or deletion from the backup.

Files can be deleted from the hard disk, but retained in the backup for as long as you like. If you make changes to files, but retain the same file names, you can maintain multiple versions of the files on backup, each one separately restorable, so you could compare a previous version of a file with the current one.

Obsolete files are deleted off the backup disks, and the space reused. However, this deletion process does not occur until the new copy has been written successfully to the backup.

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