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Electronic Publishing Software Released

Version 1.3 of the Electronic Book Publisher and Viewer software released

May 14, 1999 -- Brisbane, Australia

Fugue Software today announced the release of a new version of their Electronic Publishing software. The Publisher suite permits all the associated files for web pages to be packaged up into a single file (EBK File or ebook which stands for Electronic Book), which is encrypted. A royalty free viewer that supports standard HTML v3.2 is also supplied to view the documents within these encrypted files.

Each copy of the Publisher program includes a signature that identifies the registered owner. Anyone creating a publisher file using their registered copy of Publisher will leave their signature in any files they publish. No other copy of the publisher program will change an ebook file unless the signature matches.

"The new version adds in additional features requested by our users" Mr Nathan Johns, CEO of Fugue Software said. "We want to help authors self publish on the web without the fear of their html code being ripped off. Our software permits a published ebook to have chapters that are password protected. This means the entire book can be distributed, but readers cannot read the protected chapters until they pay for a password from the author. Every registered user can be issued with a different password."

Enhancements to the new version include handling of background sound and improved local CGI support as well as expanding the range of HTML supported.

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