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v 3.1 r4   Release Date: June 6, 1996

DOS Word Processor

This is a heavy duty Word Processing Program intended for a wide variety of word processing and editing tasks. As installed, it is ideal for the touch typist - there is no need to take your hands off the home row to activate any of the functions.

The novice should have no difficulty in using the program - the program is easy to learn, since it comes with context sensitive help available at the press of the F1 key. There is also a tutorial on the program disk, for novice users to try out the various functions.

The program comes supplied with industry standard Pull Down Menus to make learning it even easier. The point and select usage means that touch typists do not need to lift their hands from the home row. In addition, each command on the pull down menu can optionally display the command sequence needed to activate it, so novices can learn the commands. The pull down menu is activated by the F10 key.

The keyboard commands are fully configurable from an installation program. Many of the options are also configurable from inside the program. As supplied, it comes installed with a WordstarTM compatible interface, which is the industry standard for editor programs. Experienced users do not need to use the pull down menus, since all functions of the menu are also available at the press of one or two keys.

The word processor document files are ASCII text files, which means that there are no funny embedded characters (unless you use the print control sequences) and no hi order bits set on. The files are WordstarTM compatible, which means that you can load them into any word processor that reads Wordstar files. Apart from printer control strings, all formatting commands are by use of dot commands (. in column one) or embedded functions ({. }) in the text body.

There are up to 8 editing windows, which can look at different files or the same file. These files can be loaded from the parameter line. Any window can be zoomed to occupy the entire screen.

Printer support includes laser printers. It is easy to customise the printer drivers, and different ones can be selected from a pick list at print time. Printing also occurs in background, letting you go on with other word processing tasks.

The program comes with a 100,000 word dictionary and an update program that will add or delete words from the dictionary. In addition to the main dictionary, you can set up auxiliary dictionaries in each directory, containing words specific to particular projects. Main dictionaries are available in American, Australian and British versions.

The program can generate indexes and tables of contents. Both these files can be customised during the generation by use of options embedded in the text. In addition, paragraphs can be numbered automatically in several formats.

The program comes with macro facilities, the ability to record keystrokes, and a number of macro files for additional flexibility. In addition, macros can be invoked at program start up from the parameter line.

Printing, index and table of contents generation can include other files, which can in turn include other files, up to 5 levels of nesting. This means that even the biggest novel or research paper can be easily managed.

Automatic reformatting of text is available. This can be turned ON and OFF as required. In addition automatic hyphenation is available.

Tables are supported, as is word wrap and justification of each table column independently. Column mode blocks can be defined and copied, moved or deleted.

Comprehensive monitor support - MONO, CGA, EGA or VGA or HERCULES.

DOS shell is supported to permit use of all DOS commands from within the program. Can also free up memory to run large programs.

A pop up calculator with 16 functions is included. The calculation result can be pasted into your text.

The program comes with support for box and line drawing, with these characters available at the press of a key. Load the macro files SINGLE.MAC for single lines and DOUBLE.MAC for double lines. Additional macro files contain European and Greek characters.

Optional on screen display of fonts is also available. You can edit text with this mode operating (unlike wordstar).

Printing can have multiple headers and footers, and these can include functions such as current date or time.

Embedded print functions are supported in both headers / footers and within the text body. Print functions can be evaluated on screen, and include date and time, file name, revision marking and so on.

Comprehensive text formatting is available and can be stored in the text as ruler lines. There is no limit on the number of ruler lines you can have. There is even a file of standard ruler lines that can be automatically included into your text. You can add other lines to this file should you so desire.

Mouse support.

Automatic save feature after number of minutes or number of keystrokes (can be disabled)

Full featured mail merge facility that includes mathematic calculations, conditional merging using IF ELSE constructs and so on.

File names can have up to 65 character descriptions added to them, in order to make recognition of files easier. These descriptions are displayed when files are listed, and can be altered at the press of a key. In addition, a utility (FI) is supplied to display and change file descriptions from the dos prompt. It acts like a replacement of the DOS DIR command.

Support for foot notes and end notes. Notes can span multiple include files.

Snaking columns of text supported. These newspaper style columns (not to be confused with tables) have text wrapping to the next column when the bottom of the current one is reached.

Hundreds of other sophisticated features like insertion of current date or time (in different formats), the ability to mark changed text in the left hand margin, offset page number on odd or even pages, print page numbers as roman Numerals and so on.

The installed command make it perfect for Lap tops, while the cursor can be changed to a hard block of colour where it is ordinarily hard to see.


  • Download evaluation version of software. (908k)
    (Includes support files and documentation - prepared with Word Fugue)
  • Download DOS protected mode version of software. (298k)
    (You still need the evaluation version for the support files)
  • Download American English dictionary (335k)
  • Download Australian English dictionary (312k)
  • Download British English dictionary (312k)
  • If you can't or don't wish to download, you can order your copy on disk. (See below for pricing)

Pricing (All prices in Australian Dollars)

(about 2/3 of US Dollars, so $A40 is about $US26.67, $A25 is about $US16.67)

Description SKU # Price
Evaluation Copy wf314-e $7
Full Version (disks only)
includes protected mode version of program
wf314-r $40
Printed manual wfman-p $25
Full Version with printed manual
(Save $10 over buying separately)
wf314-m $55
Large American Dictionary wflex-us $7
Large British Dictionary wflex-uk $7
Large Australian Dictionary wflex-au $7
Postage (airmail - disks only)   $5
Postage (airmail - manual)   $20

Australian residents please add 10% GST

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