Best PC Cleaners

Programs to optimize the PC for free

Over time, has your trusty PC become slower and slower enough to prevent you from performing the most trivial of operations smoothly and without unnecessary loss of time? Well, if that is the case, I am happy to tell you that you have come to the right guide at the right time. In the following lines I will in fact provide you with some of the most interesting software for Windows operating systems that can do for you helping you to improve the situation.

How do you say? Does the question interest you but you don’t have the slightest intention of spending money (or at least you’d like to avoid it)? But be calm! The ones I’m going to suggest you to use are programs to optimize your PC for free. So, to use the tools in question you won’t have to invest even one euro, you have my word.

Then? Can you tell us what you’re still doing there? Take a few minutes of free time, make yourself comfortable and immediately begin to concentrate on reading this post of mine entirely dedicated to those who, in my opinion, represent the best programs to optimize the PC for free at the moment. Of course, I can’t promise you miracles (if the malfunctions of your computer are due to a hardware problem, the resources I’m going to list can’t do anything) but, as they say, trying is not bad.

Glary Utilities

The first of the programs to optimize the free PC that I want to suggest you to use is Glary Utilities. It is, in a nutshell, a suite that includes tools to free up hard disk space, clean the system registry from obsolete keys, remove malware from the PC and optimize Windows startup times.

It is completely in English (the language must be set in the software options) and supports two operating modes: the automatic one that allows a complete PC maintenance with a simple click and the manual one through which the most expert users can individually select the maintenance operations to be performed.


A name, a guarantee. CCleaner is one of the most popular programs to optimize the free PC through which you can clean hard disk, system registry and speed up Windows startup.

Thanks to it, you can free up your PC’s hard drive from all the useless files, the web browsing tracks and other elements that steal space from files and programs, correct errors in the Windows registry, safely uninstall software and disable the superfluous elements set for automatic startup.

IObit Advanced SystemCare

Like Glary Utilities, IObit Advanced SystemCare is a collection of programs for optimizing the free PC that keeps Windows performance at maximum by freeing up disk space, correcting errors in the registry and fixing other common problems that can adversely affect PC performance.

It is suitable for both beginners and experienced users, in fact it allows both to perform all maintenance operations with a click and to individually select the tools to be used.

Wise Registry Cleaner

As its name suggests quite easily, Wise Registry Cleaner is a free application dedicated to maintaining the registry on Windows. Unlike other similar solutions, it is very simple to use and, above all, safe.

After scanning, it classifies all the problems detected in the system registry autonomously, signaling to the user which ones can be corrected with a light heart and which instead require a careful analysis by experts in the sector.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a small free program for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.x and Windows 10 that can regulate many hidden parameters of the Microsoft operating system and optimize its performance based on user needs.

Although it is in English it is extremely simple to use. It is safe and does not require any type of installation to work: just download it, extract it from the compressed archive in which it is contained and launch it. Easier to do than to say.

IObit Smart Defrag

In Windows 10 and the other more reviews towards the OS of Microsoft, great strides have been made in this sense, but on Windows XP the disk defragmentation utility integrated in the system leaves much to be desired. It does not work automatically and its work of defragmenting data on the PC hard disk does not tangibly affect PC performance.

IObit Smart Defrag is a free program for Windows (not only XP but also for other versions of the operating system) that fills this gap by offering an intelligent and completely automatic disk defragmentation system that can always keep the computer’s performance at maximum.

Memory Cleaner

In an article entirely dedicated to those that are the best programs for optimizing the free PC it certainly cannot miss Memory Cleaner. It is a software that, as can be easily understood from the name itself, allows you to intervene on the RAM freeing it from all the residues left by the programs that are now closed. A real panacea for all computers, especially the less recent ones.

The program is accessible directly from the Windows system area and acts in a silent way, so to speak, showing no warning except for the total amount of RAM recovered.

Should I Remove It?

Another resource that cannot be missed in a tutorial dedicated to the best programs to optimize the PC for free is Should I Remove It ?. Have you ever heard of it? Don’t worry, we’ll fix it immediately. It is a software that analyzes all the programs installed on the computer and signals to the user those that can and, above all, that must be removed because they are considered useless or even dangerous.

The program turns out to be very light as well as extremely fast and the indications provided regarding the degree of effective utility of a given software are based on user feedback as well as software developers.

Additional useful solutions

Taking into account the fact that sometimes the problems found in the use of computers are attributable to viruses and malware, in addition to resorting to the use of programs to optimize the free PC that I suggested in the previous lines I suggest you run a full system scan with the antivirus software in use on your computer. If you did not install one (bad, bad, bad … very bad!), You can fix it right away by reading my guide dedicated to the best antivirus and downloading and installing the solution that you think can do the most for you.

Once the scan is complete, I suggest you give an ‘additional’ pass’ with a good antimalware, like the ones I reported to you in my free anti-malware tutorial.

Did none of the aforementioned tools allow you to cope with the situation? So why don’t you try to format the computer? If you don’t know how to do it, you can follow the directions I gave you in my guide on how to format the PC. Alternatively, try calling a technician to check for hardware damage on the machine.